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February 3, 2014

Obamas' 'troubled' marriage a campaign on American tabloids

The Obamas know very well, in marriage, they have to stick together through thick and thin. But the campaign continues, putting the First Couple and their little kids through the mill.
New Delhi: The Washington Friends School kids of the Obamas are although guarded against exposure to tabloid scandals, one can't be sure if they don't share what their school mates might discuss. It will definitely be painful for Sasha and Malia to come across such rumours although it is widely speculated that they may be conscious of a visible frostiness in the relationship beween their parents, Barack Obama and Michelle. At the White House, Michelle's mother acts as a shield for the kids, notwithstanding everything else.

Rumours have been floating ever since the selfie episode at Mandela's memorial, of what is happening to the once-golden model First Couple of the United States. Tabloids have been breaking fabricated bombshells that the 21-year marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama is rocking with on and off screaming fights and allegations of infidelity.

For the past couple of weeks, the National Enquirer has been putting out lead stories claiming Obama marriage is in trouble. "As you can see, the First Lady is looking distinctly unhappy as her husband poses for a 'selfie' pic with attractive Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt," the yellow papers illustrate for a proof. And that is enough evidence for anyone can see, besides, his almost smiling face contrasting with an occasion like a funeral.

Going out of control, wild allegations are flying in the wind, of Michelle Obama finding out that Secret Service bodyguards had been covering up the President’s infidelity!

The Enquirer predicts that Mrs Obama will remain with Obama until his presidency is over. He will return to Hawaii and she will stay in Washington with their children. Which is obviously not the truth as she is reported to have told the then French First Lady Carla Bruni that she hated Washington: “Don’t ask! It’s hell. I can’t stand it!”

Since Obama's election, some books have referred to even a near-divorce situation in the relationship. British-American journalist Richard Wolffe (Renegade: The Making of a President) wrote in the Washington Post, “There was little conversation and even less romance. She was angry at his selfishness and careerism; he thought she was cold and ungrateful.” In 2012, American author Edward Klein (The Obama Identity ) claimed Obama had become so depressed and he feared much worse.

Although the Obamas are not characters out of fairy tales as widely seen to be, and they are also like real and humans with all pitfalls; yet things must be working in the White House. They know, in marriage, you have to stick together through thick and thin. But the campaign continues.

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