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October 26, 2013

Maoists destroying school buildings in Jharkhand

With a view to forcing the children to join the militant ranks as recruits, the Maoists are destroying the school buildings across Jharkhand.
Ranchi: Maoists are preventing the children from getting educated by destroying the school buildings across Jharkhand. Over the last few years, the Maoists have targetted the government and locals. Locals have complained about Maoist killings and abductions. By destroying schools, the Maoists are forcing young teenagers to join militant outfits, rather that thinking of getting jobs and earning a good living. "We have seven rooms in our school, but three rooms were destroyed by the Maoists. Now, we are just left with four rooms in which students from the first to the tenth standards are studying. Earlier, we used to sit on the floor and study, but now, we have been provided with tables and chairs by the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)," said Vinod Kumar Singh, a student. Maoists are destroying school buildings to ensure the easy availability of illiterate children for recruitment into their cadres. However, the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) distributes free bags and books to the students. School teachers say it is extremely difficult to teach students in two rooms. "Police used to stay in these rooms. So, the Maoists have blasted the rooms using landmines. Now, we are just left with three rooms, out of which one is used as the office. Two rooms are used as classrooms, which are jampacked with students from standard 1st to 10th and it is not comfortable to teach the students," said Santosh, a teacher. The federal government had proposed the setting up of a new counter-militancy body to fight against these anti-national elements. Also known as Naxals, the rebels have fought for decades in areas of central and eastern India , including many resource-rich regions. They are backed by China and funded by Pakistan, the Maoists in India are trying to create economic, social and political instability. The government calls them India's main internal security threat and an obstacle to higher growth and more jobs. Although levels of violence have fallen in recent years, hundreds of people die annually in the conflict. The Maoists believe that they are fighting for the rights of landless people.

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