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October 24, 2013

'Internet will bring down corrupt governments'

In the new world of technology, the Intermet with its widespread connectivity will ensure a certain check on governments which will find it impossible to stop the torrent of protests against corruption, forcing total transparency in every single deal of governance, predicts Google's chairman Eric Schmidt.
Washington: The Internet would be helpful in bringing down corrupt governments. Addressing a Google conference recently in Watford, Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said that the web has made it harder for governments to censor information from their populations, and explained that the revolutions in Tunisia and elsewhere were public reactions against dictators. "You can understand Tunisia's revolution as a failure of the dictator to censor the internet. It's very difficult for governments that are autocratic to operate when populations are against them," The Telegraph quoted Schmidt, as saying. He claimed that even China and "The Great Firewall" were only successful at limiting some criticism of its leaders. "Even people that have monopoly power are sensitive to shame, sensitive to embarrassment; you can use the internet to hold those governments to account," he outlined. Schmidt claimed that as more people in the developing world replaced their current phones with smartphones, several billion people would engage with the wider world via the web. "They will love their phones more than you do because that will be the way they get educated," he told the audience of technology and policy experts," he said. "The solution is openness and transparency in government and connectivity for the individual," he added. However, he added that the "elites" would surge further ahead and may start to use holograms to communicate.

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