Brit MP survives miraculously after throwing himself under a train

      A British Member of Parliament miraculously survived after throwing himself under a train at London's Victoria Station. Ruffley has been a Tory MP for Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, since 1997. He was shadow minister for Policing until last month's General Election - but he was left without a ministerial portfolio. He jumped in front of the Gatwick Express at the station during the rush hour on Thursday. Incredibly, the train passed right over him and he also missed the live rail, The Sun reports. Emergency workers pulled Ruffley back on to the platform. He suffered cuts and bruises after the train was backed up. Ruffley was then taken to St Thomas's Hospital for checks. British Transport Police treated the incident as non-suspicious and ruled out the possibility of an accidental fall. One source said: "One minute he was standing on the platform and then jumped in front of a train as it was pulling into the station. He missed death by a few inches and landed just away from the live electric rail. Station staff called police and the ambulance service. "The train was backed up and emergency workers lifted him on to the platform and he was taken to hospital." A source added: "It was not believed to be an accident. Witnesses said he deliberately tried to jump in front of the train. At this stage it appears to have been a half-hearted attempt to kill himself."

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