Malaysian Indian Congress team to look for missing two-year-old

     A Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) Youth team has reportedly agreed to help in the search of missing two-year-old Nisha Chandramohan. According to The Star, the 50-member team, headed by youth leader Sivakumar Krishnan, will distribute posters of the child, who has been missing since June 4. She was last seen being carried by her grand aunt, J. Balasaraswaty, near a park in Taman Bukit Bendera in Mentakab, Pahang. "The child can only crawl around which makes it impossible for her to roam by herself," National MIC Youth secretary-general Sivarraajh Chandran was quoted as saying. He also said Nisha was in need of medical attention due to her epilepsy. Meanwhile, Nisha's parents have issued an appeal for her safe return. "Please do not be afraid of returning her. We will not take any action against you," sobbed Nisha's mother Wong Lai Lan. Besides Wong, Nisha's father G. Chandramohan and grandmother Amanthi Sannasy were present at a press conference at the MIC Youth headquarters here yesterday. Wong, 21, said they were making the plea because Nisha had epilepsy.

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