Iranian delegation visits Kashmir to promote educational and cultural ties

      A seven-member Iranian delegation is currently on a visit to Jammu and Kashmir's Kargil District to strengthen the age-old cultural ties between the two countries and promote educational activities in the region. The delegation, which is led by spiritual leader Hujjat Ul Mohsin Qommi Aghae includes Kareem Najaffe, Cultural Councilor of Iran. "We are very much interested in cultural ties especially the Iranian culture and our desire is to provide an impetus to educational activities. Wherever such endeavour is made, we want to applaud that effort," said Aghae. "We have heard that in Kargil efforts are being made for the betterment of the future generation. We want to see that and we want to congratulate them," he added. Kargil and Iran share a centuries-old, close cultural and civilization relation. The two regions have in the past influenced each other in the fields of culture, art, architecture and language. "We are happy to collaborate with the Government of India for cultural activities. As you know this Shaheed Mutahhari is the centre of educational activities and we are happy that we can improve education in India," said Kareem Najaffe, Cultural Councilor of Iran.

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