India's 'Wanted Terrorist' roams free on the streets of Britain

      Notorious Surat bomber Tiger Hanif who is wanted in India after a double bombing that killed an eight-year-old schoolgirl and injured 38 in 1993, has been enjoying a life of impunity for the last fourteen years under the alias of Mohammed Patel. Scotland Yard had traced him to Bolton, Lancashire, where he had been working as a greengrocer leading to his detention in Februrary and subsequent remand in custody. But a British High Court judge hearing his case has decided to grant conditional bail to the cold-blooded killer as he awaits extradition much to the consternation of the police. Hanif will face up to 20 years in an Indian jail for his crimes, and has been on the Interpol's 'Most Wanted' list with his photograph being circulated widely. He is said to have altered his appearance to enter Britain using a fake identity under which he was initially refused asylum in the country but later granted a passport. "The extradition might not happen," The Sun quoted Hanif's friend, as saying. Hanif's solicitor claims he could be tortured in India. He is due back in court in London next month. In the 1993 attacks a bomb exploded near a school and a grenade was lobbed at a train. Police think they were to avenge the destruction of a mosque by Hindu extremists.

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