Indian Hockey Federation open to merger with ‘Hockey India’

      Indian Hockey Federation (IHF), the apex body of hockey in India is open to the idea of merging with a rival body for the revival of the sport in the country, IHF chief Kanwar Pal Singh Gill said on Sunday. Earlier, the Delhi High Court had dissolved the IHF after allegations of bribery and in view of the poor on-field form of the Indian team. It had then erected a new body, viz ‘Hockey India’ (HI), to replace the IHF. HI officials maintain that theirs is the sole hockey body in the country, which is recognized by the International Hockey Federation and Indian Olympic Association. But Kanwar Pal Singh feels that a merger should take place, as the interest of the game was paramount. Yes, why not. Basically the interest of hockey is paramount and we should make any compromise needed for that and we will do that," said Kanwar Pal Singh Gill in national capital after annual general meeting of the IHF. He also said that he would not contest forthcoming election of the body if the guidelines of the Sports ministry came into being. According to new guidelines by the ministry a person can head a sports body only for three terms of four years each and a person over 70 years can''t contest election. “We will follow the guidelines of the Sports ministry. I will not contest (the election),” Gill said.

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