Agitated villagers burn offices, school in Manipur

      Agitated villagers burnt a school and offices in Manipur on Saturday to protest a proposed redrawing of districts that would administratively relocate their village. The villages that are being included come under the Phayeng and Leirenkabi-Kadangband village councils. A large mob set fire to the Kangchup Chingkhong Junior High School, Kangchup Veterinary office and Kangchup dispensary of the Kangchup Chingkhong. Residents said that inclusion would cause lot of inconveniences to the people of these villages. "At the time of construction, the primary school, as Sadar hills, this place has been always under tension. To end and resolve the conflict, as the land belongs to us and school belongs to them so outraging the policy, we have to dismantle this school," said Memicha Devi, a woman protestor. A shutdown along the Imphal-Kangchup Road was also called to protest the draft maps of the districts being reorganised.

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