Islamabad police seizes arms, military equipments belonging to US Embassy

     Bags full of arms, ammunition and various military articles reportedly belonging to the US Embassy have been seized by the police here. According to reports, the recovery was made from a suspicious vehicle when it was intercepted at a checkpoint in the capital city. A huge cache of ammunition containing M-16 magazines, 9 mm magazines, several pistol pouches, compass, radio sets, maps, knives, and other army items were recovered following a thorough check-up of the vehicle. Both persons who were in the vehicle have been arrested. During primary investigation they revealed that they had nothing to do with the weapons, as they belonged to the US Embassy. "The US Embassy has just hired our service to transport this luggage," the Xinhua news agency reported police officials, as quoting detained men. The US Embassy has neither confirmed nor denied the incident yet. Meanwhile, police have registered a case for illegal possession of weapons against the two men.

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