Chhattisgarh villagers abondon homes to escape Maoists’ terror

      Though Maoists claim themselves to be the voice of the poor or the helpless, many villagers in Kanker region of Chhattisgarh have abandoned their homes and hearths and take shelter in a school building to get rid of these Maoists. Pestered by the Maoists, a number of panic-stricken villagers of Mohala in Kanker had to abandon their homes while leaving behind their lands. Maoists have allegedly killed five people, including the village head, in Mohala in the last few days. According to the villagers, the Maoists’ fear constantly haunted them as such they had no other option but to quit the village. " They come daily to our houses in groups and conspire. They killed the village headman and some others. They are on the look out of killing more people and said they will kill more," said Urmila, a villager from Mohala. The state government through the district administration is presently caring for these villagers who are in a traumatic state of mind and do not want to return at any cost. " No. I do not want to go back. Here there is no problem. We are being taken care of here. We are provided food here," said Dhollu Ram, another resident of Mohala village. Chhattisgarh has faced the brunt of Maoist attacks in the recent past. The Maoists, termed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as India''s largest internal security threat, have spread into rural pockets in 20 of India''s 28 states and the movement has upset business prospects worth billions of dollars in mining industries in central and eastern parts of India.

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