Terrorists in Britain’s high-security prison planned to ‘escape in an aeroplane’

      Terrorists incarcerated in one of Britain’s top high-security prisons has hatched a preposterous escape plot that entails their flight to freedom in an aeroplane. The plan includes smuggling the entire aircraft in parts into an “escape-proof” lockup. The far-fetched plan has been a source of much amusement among the prison personnel some of whom burst out laughing when they were first informed of it. “It was completely incredible, like something out of a film. It was meant to be a serious briefing but we all fell about ­laughing,” a security source and former warden at the jail, told the Daily Star Sunday. “Someone even joked, ‘I hope they’re bringing in air hostesses too’. We were told to be on our guard for any suspicious behaviour, especially from the Islamic inmates inside for terrorist charges,” he added. The Belmarsh prison is a category A lock-up in the London borough of Greenwich and houses over 900 prisoners. It was built in 1991 and has been altered to keep prisoners convicted of terrorist offences.

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