Prime Minister releases UPA-II report card on its first anniversary

     Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh released the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government's report card here on Tuesday on the occasion of first anniversary of its second tenure. The Prime Minister released the "Report to the People" at a function in the national capital. The report begins with a foreward by the Prime Minister, which delineates the priorities and policies of the Government. As the Prime Minister mentions: "The second UPA government is dedicated to building an economically stronger, a socially just, a culturally vibrant, a regionally balanced, a politically participative, a fully educated, a technologically modern, a creative and enterprising India. As we enter the second year of our second term we rededicate ourselves to these objectives and to the welfare of all our citizens." UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi' views stating the political philosophy of UPA government's functioning have been reflected in her statement: "It is the responsibility of every government to ensure that their legislative agenda has at its core, a genuine concern for the well-being of the common man, that it is reflective of their hopes and their aspirations." Meanwhile, the report has been organized around 12 themes: 1. Enabling Human Development: (i) Education (ii) Health (iii) Child Rights 2. Social Inclusion: (i) Food Security (ii) Empowering Women (iii) Empowerment and Development of Weaker Section (iv) An Inclusive Agenda for the Minorities (v) Disability to Empowerment (vi) Caring for the Senior Citizens (vii) Welfare of Ex-Servicemen & Serving Defence Service Personnel (viii) Welfare of Workers (ix) Financial Inclusion 3. Rural Renewal: (i) Bharat Nirman (ii) Rural Employment (iii) Agriculture - Towards Food Security and Welfare of Farmers (iv) Panchayati Raj 4.Transforming Cities: (i) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (ii) Mass Transport - Metro Projects and Buses (iii) Housing for the Urban Poor (iv) Public-Private Partnership Initiatives 5. Economic Resurgence: (i) Macroeconomic Overview (ii) Industrial Performance (iii) Energy (iv) Transport Infrastructure 6. Sustaining the Environment: (i) National Action Plan on Climate Change (ii) Compensatory Afforestation (iii) Green Tribunal (iv) Mission Clean Ganga 7. New Horizons: (i) Science and Technology (ii) Space Programme (iii) Information and Broadcasting (iv) Tourism (v) Culture (vi) Commonwealth Games (vii) National Youth Corps (viii) India post 8. Managing Disasters: (i) National Disaster Policy and Disaster-Specific Guidelines (ii) National Disaster Response Force (iii) Relief for Floods (iv) Cyclone Shelters 9. Addressing Special Development Needs: (i) The Northeast (ii) Jammu & Kashmir (iii) Bundelkhand 10. Security: (i) Internal Security Initiatives (ii) Managing Borders (iii) Defence 11. Governance and Civil Society: (i) Reforms (ii) Centre-State Relations 12. Building Bridges: (i) External Affairs (ii) Overseas Indians It encloses an executive summary giving a brief synopsis of Government's initiatives and policies during 2009-2010.

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