Speeding train kills elephant in West Bengal

     The speeding NJP-Bamundanga Intercity Express knocked down a female elephant in the Diana region of West Bengal's Jalpaiguri District on Monday night. The jumbo, whose body was lying some 300 meters from the track, was killed when it was crossing the railway track with a herd. The other elephants, however, managed to crossover and were reportedly safe. Forest officials informed that the preliminary investigations show a speeding train hit the animal. "We are looking into the matter properly. We couldn't see the body as it is. We will come to know later. The body is still lying near the track. We have informed the higher authorities about it. They are coming," said Subhas Chandra Ghosh, Ranger, Binnaguri Wildlife-II, Jalpaiguri. Meanwhile, the local residents appeared pleased with the incident, as they were fed up with the elephants damaging crops. "The train killed the elephant at night, whatever it did was good enough because the number of elephants has increased and they damage all our crops," said Milon Chettri, a local resident.

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