Top US military official says Iran training, providing arms to Taliban

      A top US military official in Afghanistan has said that there is 'clear evidence' that the Talibani insurgents are being trained and provided arms by Iran. Commander of the NATO and US forces in Afghanistan General Stanley McChrystal told reporters here that even though Iran has helped the Afghan government against the insurgents, in the recent past there have been some cases, which clearly portray Tehran's association with the extremists. "There is, however, clear evidence of Iranian activity - in some cases providing weaponry and training to the Taliban - that is inappropriate. NATO forces are working to stop both the training and the weapons trafficking," The Daily Times quoted General McChrystal said. McChrystal told reporters that the Afghan war is likely to extend long beyond July 2011, when President Barack Obama plans to start pulling out troops from the war-tattered country. "In recent meetings with President Hamid Karzai, Obama 'reaffirmed the strategic partnership', which is way beyond July 2011. I think President Obama's decision to begin the reduction of US forces in 2011 really needs to be viewed in that context," he said.

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