Billiards champion Pankaj Advani calls for better Govt support

      Pankaj Advani, the second Indian to win the World Billiards title, has asked the authorities to take steps to encourage the game. "Like the BCCI is doing so much for cricket, similarly our federation should do something to promote the game like organising matches at shopping complexes or giving an opportunity to upcoming players to play with top players," Advani said. "These will help the game reach the people. It requires some effort, and moreover, schools and colleges should encourage the game," he added. Eight-time world billiards champion Geet Sethi said that with the efforts of the games' federation cue sports could get a place in the next Commonwealth Games. "One is an amateur body, international billiards and snooker federation and another is world's professional billiards and snooker federation. Both should jointly make a strong representation. I believe in the next Commonwealth Games, billiards, snooker and cue sporting will find inclusion," Sethi added.

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