Financial crunch causes stress in more than a million Brit homes

     More than a million British households are facing stress at home with rows amongst couples becoming more and more frequent because of money related woes. With lifestyles taking a different turn - for some because they can't enjoy as they did before, and for those who have had to come back home because they can't afford to live away from home - family strifes are not uncommon these days. More than 340,000 families have seen older children return to the family home due to financial problems or to enable them to save money. A further 513,000 families have seen grown-up children unable to fly the nest due to the fallout of the economic downturn, according to the survey. "Economic stress has substantial effects on families. It impacts on the parents, causing irritability, marital discord and depression. "This in turn affects the quality of care they are able to provide their children - stressed parents are more short-tempered and less warm. "The children may observe rows or parental anxieties about money. Children and adolescents in financially stressed homes are at greater risk of psychological ill health. "Recessions may last only a few years in boom-bust economies like Britain 's, but the impact on vulnerable families can be much more enduring," The Scotsman quoted Psychologist Professor Kevin Durkin, of the University of Strathclyde , as saying. Steve Reid, retail director of Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks - which assist customers whose financial situations have changed and who may face difficulties without advice and support - said, "There is no question that financial concerns create stress in family relationships. "It is important that people understand that help is available and that the sooner they seek it out, the better. "Hiding from the possibilities only increases the stress at home and the likelihood the situation will get worse." "The advice we give through our Financial Solutions Unit can take the sting out of a change in financial circumstances, providing that initial breathing space then the ability to manage your finances over the longer term," he added.

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