Even 1000 terrorists wont be able to gain control over Pak nukes: AQ Khan

     Disgraced Pakistan nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has asserted that his country’s nuclear assets are so safe that even a thousand terrorists won’t be able to gain control over them. “ Pakistan ’s nuclear assets are completely secure and even a group of a thousand terrorists together won’t be able to gain access to its atomic technology. The atomic technology is not a rudimentary thing and it is impossible for anyone, including terrorists, to gain access to it,” The News quoted Khan, as saying. Khan, who was declared a ‘free man’ by the Lahore High Court on Friday after he challenged the government’s decision to impose security restrictions on him, said stealing nuclear technology was not an easy task, as it requires highest level of sophisticated expertise. It is worth mentioning here that Dr Khan’s four-page letter to his daughter, in which he had described the illegal transfer of nuke know-how to China , North Korea and Iran , had become a headache for the Pakistan government. The letter, which was published by The Washington Post, became a constant source of sensational stories put up by the foreign media, particularly in the western countries following which the government decided to put restrictions on his movement.

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