Indian doc in NY charged with sex abuse for abusing unconscious patient

      A medical intern from India working at Harlem Hospital has been accused of insulting a patient while she was out cold in the ER. Dr. Manish Garg, 28, is said to have kissed the woman and fondled her breasts while she lay unconscious during a May 7 trip to the emergency room, reports the New York Daily News. Authorities revealed on May 26 that the woman, who is in her 20s, had become ill after someone slipped her what appears to be a date rape drug. According to sources, when she woke up she found the doctor groping her, and when she confronted him, he had the audacity to ask her out on a date. The alleged victim later taped the doc admitting what he did. Garg was charged with sex abuse and suspended with pay, according to his lawyer, Oscar Michelen, and he has pleaded not guilty. A key part of the defence will be the alleged victim's mental state at the time - and why she did not report the incident until May 11. Sources said the woman had been drinking and has no recollection of how she wound up at the hospital.

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