America's biggest house on sale

     The biggest house in America , modelled on the Palace of Versailles, is up for grabs at a bargain price of 50 million pounds. It is reported that Versailles is the largest family home ever built in the US. The mansion that has 30 bedrooms, also has a bowling alley, roller skating rink and an Olympic sized swimming pool. The construction of the house began three years ago by Time share baron David Siegel and his former wife Jacqueline, reports The Telegraph. Estate agents revealed that people from Russia and the Far East have shown interest in the property located Windermere near Orlando , Florida . The property was named Versailles because the entrance of the house was made like the Palace of Versailles in France . " Versailles will probably be a house that will appeal to the uber-wealthy that don't ever think about the issues of money," local estate agent Kelly Price said. "It might be a second or third. For all we know, it could be a seventh or eighth home," she added.

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