Brit who worked at bakery for 17 years sacked on spot for eating a nut!

     A British woman has been sacked from a bakery she has been working at for 17 years just because she ate a single hazelnut. According to the Bolton News, Susan Longworth, 54, slipped a chunk of chopped hazelnut into her mouth while sprinkling them on toffee cakes. She thought nothing of it until her furious boss called her into his office at Park Cakes Bakery in Lancashire, northwest England , where within minutes she was suspended and escorted from the premises. "He said he was taking into consideration my honesty and the length of time I had been working there and I thought he was going to give me a warning," quoted Longworth as saying. "I could not believe it when he said he was sacking me. Everybody is shocked by what has happened, people keep saying they cannot believe it. "Most of all, I am just annoyed by what I have done for that company and this is how they have treated me after 17 years," she stated. Longworth said that her employers had sacked her for the theft of a hazelnut, but they claim she was dismissed for a gross breach of hygiene. "Park Cakes Bakeries takes issues of hygiene very seriously indeed and has very strict rules about eating or chewing on the production line," a spokesman for Park Cakes said. "To do so is an act of gross misconduct and, as such, warrants dismissal," he added.

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