Musharraf stopped from boarding London-bound flight following bomb scare

     Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf was among the passengers of a London-bound Virgin Atlantic flight, who were asked to vacate the aircraft after a bomb scare at the New Jersey airport on Wednesday. Musharraf along with all other passengers were asked get down from the plane after a security alert was sounded regarding the presence of a suspicious man on the aircraft. According to sources, security officials have arrested a man, who reportedly belongs to the Middle East and had bought a one-way ticket for the flight in cash. After a thorough check, security officials gave the go-ahead to all passengers to board the flight. However, Musharraf was not allowed to resume his journey, and he has been asked to stay at a local hotel here, The News reports. Virgin Atlantic management has declined to comment on the incident, saying: “We cannot tell whether the plane was stopped owing to Musharraf or else.”

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