Brit woman with drink Asbo now flashes boobs at cops

     A British woman, who is the first to get a nationwide 'booze Asbo', has landed back in court after she drunkenly bared her breasts at police. Magistrates heard an ambulance had picked up Laura Hall, 20, lying in the middle of a town centre road after downing wine and vodka. She lashed out, hurling abuse, and had to be restrained by cops, and when she was taken to a police station she exposed her boobs. Cops gave her a police-issue T-shirt to cover herself but she ripped it open. She then did the same with a second shirt. Hall, of Bromsgrove, Worcs, admitted being drunk and disorderly and damaging the T-shirts. She received a six-month community order and six months supervision, and JP Barbara Broadhurst told her she had come "very close" to being jailed. "When she is sober, she doesn't offend. When she drinks, she does offend," the Sun quoted her lawyer Katie Oliver as saying. "Miss Hall has a previous history with self harm and suicidal tendencies. She was ripping the police property to make a ligature to self harm," she added. Hall was barred from publicly boozing anywhere in England and Wales for two years after a series of drink-related incidents. But earlier this month she was fined for breaching the ban, less than four weeks after receiving it.

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