Couple survive after car plummets down 300 ft!

      A couple survived miraculously despite plunging down 300 feet in a ravine - in an open top sports car. The car landed in a pool below a waterfall on all four wheels and started to sink, but the couple freed themselves before they were airlifted to hospital. Their BMW convertible had plummeted nose-first down the tree-covered gorge after colliding with another car and smashing through a barrier. While the man was being treated for a hurt head and shoulder, the wife had just minor injuries. Firefighters, paramedics and mountain rescuers raced to the Dylife beauty spot near Machynlleth, Mid Wales, after sightseers raised the alarm. "They landed in just the right place - six feet either side and they would not have survived. If you saw it in a film you would think it was far-fetched," The Sun quoted Mark Jones, of Brecon Mountain Rescue team, as saying. "I have never seen anything like it. The word 'awesome' is overused - but if you looked at the distance they fell, you would not think there was any chance they would survive. "It was mind-boggling how they pulled it off. In 25 years in mountain rescue, I have never seen anything like this," Jones added.

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