Red-Shirts burn 36 buildings in Bangkok after failed agitation

      Bangkok is in a state of anarchy following the Thailand Government's forced eviction of the UDD demonstrators' rally site that has left 52 dead in the last six days. The damage wreaked by disgruntled Red-Shirts has far exceeded the Government's projections. Parts of Bangkok 's glitzy commercial centres are now barely recognizable, as they have been gutted by fires started by the looters and arsonists. Thirty-six buildings were burnt in Bangkok alone, some of them, such as the CentralWorld shopping centre, that sustained massive damage in the fire that raged on for 20 hours. Meanwhile, the establishment maintained that there was no scope for a resolution, "The prime minister never said he would sit down to talk. He said the [time for] negotiation had passed," the Bangkok Post quoted the country's deputy Prime Minister Korbsak Sabhavasu, as saying.

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