Manhattan court denies bail to failed Times Square bomber

      A Manhattan Federal Court has denied bail to failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, as his court-appointed defence lawyer did not challenge the prosecution's plea of him being kept in custody through the trial. Shahzad appeared in the court for the first time since his arrest nearly two weeks ago in connection with the May 1 botched Times Square bombing plot. He did not plead before the court following which the next hearing was scheduled for June 1. Shahzad, who was nabbed while trying to flee to Dubai after parking a explosive laden SUV in the crowded Times Square, has been charged on five counts, including attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and trying to kill and maim people. He faces life in prison if convicted. During the nine-minute long hearing Shahzad kept silent and expressionless as the judge read the charges labelled against him. He spoke only once to say that statements about his finances were correct. Magistrate Judge James Francis inquired whether Shahzad has decided to keep silent on his own. "Yes," replied Assistant US Attorney Randall Jackson, one of the prosecutors in the case. Meanwhile, questions are being raised over the long time gap between Shahzad's arrest and his first appearance in the court of law. Noted Defence counsel Ron Kuby described the time in between Shahzad's arrest and his court appearance as "unprecedented" suggesting that he might have been "buried in the bowels of a Manhattan version of Guantanamo," The Dawn reports.

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