Missing Hindu nurse's parents' pleas in Pak falling on deaf ears

      Family members of the Hindu nurse, Bano, who disappeared from Karachi last month under mysterious circumstances, have urged the government to step into the issue and direct the concerned authorities to pursue the matter seriously to find out her whereabouts. Bano's uncle and the head of the Hindu Maheshwari community, Narain Das feared that her niece could have been killed or forced to convert her religion. "The incidents of kidnapping our community girls' have recently increased alarmingly and despite our repeated protests and approaches to the higher authorities, nothing has so far been done to protect the community members. Kidnappers have recently kidnapped several girls as young as thirteen and fourteen years old," Das said. The police has arrested Gulzar, who worked with Bano in the hospital, but failed to gather any substantial report regarding her whereabouts. Gulzar has told officials that Bano has accepted Islam and married her boyfriend Jaffer, but Bano's parents fear she has been murdered. When enquired about the issue, Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs Dr Mohan Lal said he would look into matter and issue guidelines to concerned authorities. "I would personally talk to the police authorities and will ensure her release as soon as possible," The Daily Times quoted Lal, as saying.

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