LeT set for series of terror attacks in India, warns Israel's NSC

      Israel's National Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Bureau has issued a terror warning for India, saying a Pakistani terror group, having close links with Al-Qaeda, is planning to carry out series of strikes across the country. "A Pakistani terror organization affiliated with al-Qaida and responsible for the attacks in Mumbai last year is planning to carry out a string of attacks throughout the Indian subcontinent," the notice issued by the bureau stated. The warning said that though foreigners, especially from western countries could be targeted, and that Israelis and places where Israelis usually assemble in large numbers are on top of the terror outfit's hit list. The bureau rated the threat as 'imminent and concrete' and emphasized on the Jammu and Kashmir region, The Jerusalem Post reported. This is probably the first time that such a warning has been issued regarding threat to Israelis in India, as India is considered a friendly country with thousands of Israelis living in different part of the nation.

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