UK socialite cleared of drunken romp on Kingfisher flight

     Guinness heiress Clare Irby, accused of indulging in a sex act on a Bangalore-London flight, has been cleared of being drunk on board the Kingfisher Airlines aircraft. The 30-year-old blonde, from London, was allegedly involved in a sex romp with passenger Daniel Melia on the aircraft last March. She was also accused of leaving her two-year-old son James unattended during the 10 and a half hour flight and allegedly threw a soiled nappy onto a seat, reports Sky News. Irby denied being drunk during the flight, insisting she was exhausted and had no more than four or five glasses of wine. She also denied letting Melia touch her breasts, and said she did not flash her underwear or throw a dirty nappy. The jury at Isleworth Crown Court, west London found her not guilty. Her solicitor Richard Slade said in a statement: "Clare simply wants to say that she's delighted and relieved that she has been acquitted on this charge." Irby, however, confessed she was "rather too curt with the air hostess" though she denied calling one of the flight attendants a "bitch". She said: "I was tired and I had been irritable on an earlier flight, and was not as polite as I usually am."

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