Corrupt officials list on Centre Vigilance Commission website

      This is for the first time that the CVC has made public the name of corrupt officials. Until now, the Commission had been making public only the number of corrupt officials. The list of officials against whom the action is pending was reportedly compiled in July. On its website, the CVC stated that: "In furtherance of the transparency initiatives and the spirit of the RTI Act 2005, the Central Vigilance Commission has decided to regularly post info / details of cases pending for sanctions for prosecution over four months with organizations / departments. "Cases where the Commission has advised issuance of sanction for prosecution during the month and Cases where Commission had advised imposition of suitable major penalty during the month," the website states. Until now, the CVC had been making public only the number of corrupt officials, not their names. Earlier it was reported that the Union Cabinet Secretary has asked the Secretaries of various ministries not to delay sanction for the prosecution of corrupt officials.

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