'Chinese aggression indicates Beijing's nervousness over India's rise'

     A US think-tank has said that China's recent aggression on Indian border is a direct result of Beijing's "nervousness over India's rise." "Well, I think China is becoming increasingly nervous about India's rise. It's something that they have to deal with that perhaps 10-15 years ago they didn't believe was something that was necessary to focus on. We saw this when they to tried scuttle at the last minute, the civil nuclear deal at the Nuclear Supplier Group meeting last year and so that was sort of an indication that China is not completely comfortable with India's rise on the world stage," said Lisa Curtis of the Heritage Foundation, US. Recently, two soldiers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) were reportedly injured in firing from across the border on the Line of Actual Control in Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi, however, denied that two of its border guards were injured in firing by Chinese forces. Curtis said both the sides were mutually mistrustful of each other on the border issue. "The border issue has lingered for a long time and I think both sides created mistrust on both sides. Perhaps since China is dealing with its internal issue, it has not been interested in completely resolving the border issue but that said. I do not think so either side is interested in any kind of conflict. But I do not see the negotiation moving forward either," Curtis said. India and China fought a short war in 1962 and, despite burgeoning trade in recent years, mistrust remains. The two countries have faced off at multi-lateral forums, including Chinese objections to a 60 million dollar Asian Development Bank loan for a project in Arunachal Pradesh. Reports of Chinese "incursions" have become more frequent of late. India has begun modernising its border roads and moved a squadron of strike aircraft close to the China border.

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