Musharraf's prosecution will exacerbate Pak's problems: Editorial

     Pakistan, which already is engulfed in numerous problems, would only be adding to its troubles if it decides to prosecute former President General Pervez Musharraf under pressure from different political parties, an editorial has said. The editorial in The Dawn, one of Pakistan's leading dailies said that merely trying Musharraf would not solve Pakistan's problems, and said that the former general's trial would create more trouble for the tattered nation rather than resolving issues. "The country is faced with myriad problems, none of which will be solved or mitigated by trying Mr Musharraf. More crisis-solving and less crisis-creation, then, is clearly the demand of the times," it said. It said that if the PML-N really wants Musharraf being prosecuted for his 'extrajudicial' and 'unconstitutional' deeds, then it should accept the PPP government's challenge to table a resolution in Parliament. "Let parliament vote on the issue and if it decides to call for Mr Musharraf's trial, let the chips fall where they may," the editorial concluded.

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