Google's 'crop circle doodle' in new mystery rumours

     Internet users are scratching their heads trying to figure out the meaning behind Google's latest "doodle" that shows the company's name spelt out in crop circles. Google Doodles are the various modifications or humorous features the company does to its logo that appears on its home page to mark holidays, birthdays of famous people, and major events. In the latest design, the word "Google" is spelt out by a series of crop circles, but minus the letter "L", reports the Telegraph. Clicking the new logo, depicting a flying saucer hovering over a field, lands users on a search page for "crop circles", leading to speculation about what Google may be planning. The internet giant previously left users baffled when a doodle featured a UFO, and was linked to the search term "unexplained phenomenon" since there seemed to be no major event at the time. Google is doing little to clear up the mist about its alien-themed doodles, with a spokesman saying web users were free to devise their own UFO theories.

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