It was fair to probe Clinton-Lewinsky affair, Kennedy had said

     Former US Senator Ted Kennedy, who died last month after battling brain cancer, has said the probing of the affair between former President Bill Clinton and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was fair. "Do I think such inquiry is fair? Absolutely. Do I think it tells the whole story of character? No, I truly do not. Human beings are much more complex than that. Some people make mistakes and try to learn from them and do better. Our sins don't define the whole picture of who we are," Kennedy says in his autobiography. Commenting on Clinton's mood during the impeachment process, Kennedy says: "Clinton's mood seemed privately to plummet during this period. But even as he finally accepted that his presidency was imperiled, he still didn't seem able to confront the ultimate cause." In telephone conversations with him, sensed that this was not yet a place he could go: the awareness that his affair with Monica Lewinsky had deeply disturbed and disheartened people. And that perhaps they were even more disturbed that he had lied about it to his wife and the members of his cabinet and allowed them to be humiliated by publicly defending a falsehood," he added. He said he always remained supportive of Clinton.

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