Nepal PM says peace can’t be possible till Maoists shed arms

      Nepalese Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said here on Saturday, that peace cannot be established as long as the Maoist rebels do not surrender all their weapons. Addressing students Madhav Kumar accused the Maoists, led by former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ' Prachanda', of playing divisive politics. "To enter into a pact with the government and then blame others is bad…Nobody asked Maoists to walk out of the government, they left the government of their own…They are busy in criticizing me and my government, I feel they have deep grudge, that's why they are speaking ill of me," Madhav Kumar Nepal said. He added that “Maoists are indulging in conspiracy by playing divisive politics, they are trying to divide the political parties. Their remarks at yesterday's rally is a clear pointer to this but they will not succeed in toppling the government.” Thousands of supporters of Nepal's former Maoist rebels attended a protest rally here on Friday. It is considered as the biggest since the collapse of their government plunged the Himalayan nation into a political crisis. Over, 15,000 Maoist supporters carried hammer and sickle flags demonstrated in the heart of the capital to press for a return to power. The Maoists, who headed a government after emerging as the largest political group in last year's election, resigned in May following a failed attempt to sack the country's army chief.

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