Elephant electrocuted in Raigarh

      A wild elephant died of electrocution in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. As per the forest officials a herd of 12 elephants had come to remote Pathal village and a female elephant died due to electrocution. A live wire of 33 Kilo Watts passes through this area. "This female elephant died due to electrocution and after examining this area we can say the possibility of poaching is rare. She might have tried to break a branch with her trunk and in that she could have touched the live wire and after feeling the shock she would have tried to pull that wire and in the process she suffered electrocution and died," said Ashutosh Mishra, District Forest Officer. In the last fortnight three elephants have died in Chhattisgarh. Home to 60 percent of Asia's elephants, India has the highest death rate from human-elephant conflict in the world, with 200-250 people and 100 elephants being killed every year.

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