UN Benazir probe team to grill Musharraf in London

      In order to gather facts and collect evidence, the United Nations team probing the Benazir Bhutto murder case will visit London and Washington within the next couple of weeks. According to the Daily Times, the UN commission would visit New Scotland Yard to study a report prepared by British investigators claiming that Bhutto was killed by the force of the suicide bomb and not by a bullet. The team will also interview former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf in London. Sources said the commission believed its report could not be finished without interviewing the most authoritarian personality in Pakistan at the time of Bhutto's murder. They added that the team would also interview Nahid Khan, who was Bhutto's personal aide. The commission is expected to meet officials of various intelligence agencies in Washington. CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who reportedly received an email through Bhutto's confidant in Washington, is also expected to be quizzed by the team. The email said that if anything happened to Bhutto, she would hold Musharraf 'responsible' because his government did not do enough to protect her. Bhutto's confidante Mark Seigal is also likely to be interviewed. The three-member commission, led by Chile's UN Ambassador Heraldo Munoz, visited Pakistan in July. A team of seven experts stayed behind to conduct further investigations. The commission also called on President Asif Ali Zardari and held talks with senior government leaders and officials.

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