CIA hunted for Osama from behind a computer!

      Ever wondered why the CIA has been unable to trace down Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden even after eight long years since the inception of the massive hunt operation in Afghanistan. Well, a former CIA agent has the answers. Ex-CIA official, Art Keller, who has spent eight years hunting for bin Laden, has disclosed that the CIA officials spent their days infront of their PC's looking for him. Keller, who worked from a base established in Waziristan, said the search operation was primarily based on computer analysis of the data collected through various means. "Our role in the hunt was done entirely from in front of a computer inside the base," Keller said. In an interview with The Times, Keller revealed that the hub of the operation was the communications room, from where he worked alongside officials from other branches of the US intelligence agencies. "Here they would pore over intelligence collected from electronic intercepts, aerial photographs taken by unmanned drones, and human intelligence collected by Pashtun spies. CIA agents were rarely allowed to leave the compound by the Pakistanis," Keller said. He said CIA agents were rarely allowed to leave the compound by the Pakistani security guard due to fears of being attacked by the extremists. "When we wanted to follow up a lead, we would get in touch with a local Pashtun proxy to ask him to travel to a certain area to glean information," Keller added. He said the US is re-hiring retired CIA agents to work with local populations to hunt for bin-Laden. "One of the things the agency has done is to bring back these old hands. These men who despite their age are willing to spend many months in conditions most people would say are akin to prison" said Keller.

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