Iranian youth beaten for questioning Ahmadinejad's victory

     A teenaged engineering student has revealed that he was locked up, beaten and raped multiple times for daring to protest against President Ahmadinejad's disputed re-election. "When I first participated in the protests I was not demonstrating against the Leader or the Islamic Republic. I was protesting Ahmadinejad's cheating. But today, I say 'Death to Khamenei', and having been raped by his henchmen I also say 'Death to the Dogs of Khamenei," Times Online quoted Ardeshir, 19, as saying. Ardeshir recounts that after being arrested he was driven to an apartment building 90 minutes away that was clearly an unofficial detention centre. "A Basiji called Mahmoud urinated on my face, saying that this would teach me not to oppose the divine wishes of the Great Leader of the Revolution. 'We have been sent to re-educate you, you spoilt Western piece of shit. "Another Basiji came up and raped me. At this point I felt that I was not me. I seemed to have shut down and separated from my body. Why these people who claim to be the most religious in our society can do such things?" report quoted him, as saying. A hospital report confirms he suffered anal damage. He has temporarily abandoned his studies temporarily and seeks solace by playing the santur, an Iranian instrument. "He has extreme feelings of self-hatred resulting from a sense that he will never be clean again, and from shame over the repeated rapes," his psychologist says. Ardeshir - not his real name - is one of scores of detainees who have been raped and tortured by their jailers in the past three months in what appears to be a systematic attempt to break their will, the report concludes.

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