Hudson hero Sully set to return to friendly skies

      Hero pilot Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger is set to resume his duties in the cockpit. Sullenberger, who became hero after a flawless emergency landing in the Hudson River, told the celebrity Web site that he plans to "be back at work soon." However, Sullenberger, 58, did not give an exact date for his return to the friendly skies, New York Post reports. Despite his amazing skills which helped him save 155 passengers, Sully will have to practice before flying again. Under Federal Aviation Administration rules, pilots must do three takeoffs and landings in a 90-day period, either in a plane or a simulator. After 90 days, training must be done under supervision and requires that one takeoff simulate engine failure, something that should be no problem for the hero pilot. Sullenberger glided into aviation history on January 15 with a flawless emergency landing in the Hudson River after geese disabled his jet's engines shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport. All 155 people aboard U.S. Airways Flight 1549 survived.

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