Pak-based terrorists exploiting Britain's shoddy visa system

     Pakistan-based terrorists are exploiting Britain 's shoddy visa system to come to the country. Pakistan is considered by Britain as the No.1 base for Islamic extremists brainwashing potential terrorists. More than 60,000 Pakistanis were given UK visas in the past nine months, but only 29 underwent face-to-face security interviews, The Sun reports. The Home Office admitted the shocking record in Commons answers. The new figures mean UK risk assessment officials in Pakistan could easily be dishing out visas to terror suspects. Ministers have also admitted not a single visa applicant had a phone interview before getting entry clearance. And each application was dealt with in just 11 minutes; nothing like the time security experts say is needed. Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: "There are very real concerns that the system is being abused, and clear security issues too."

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