Pak overhauled nuke command and controls following 9/11: US report

      A latest US report has revealed that Islamabad, over the years, has overhauled its nuclear command and controls besides implementing new personnel security programmes. The report also acknowledges that Pakistan has taken several steps to assure the international community regarding the safety of its nuclear facilities. "Pakistan has in recent years taken a number of steps to increase international confidence in the security of its nuclear arsenal," the latest US Congressional Research Service report said. The report also said that besides 'dramatically' adding to its nuclear stockpile and overhauling nuclear command and control structures since September 11, 2001, Islamabad has implemented new security programmes. "A number of important initiatives, such as strengthened export control laws, improved personnel security and international nuclear security cooperation programmes have improved Pakistan's security situation in recent years," The Nation quoted the report, as stating. The report added that since Dr.A Q Khan's proliferation network was unearthed in 2004, Islamabad has taken a number of steps to improve its nuclear security and to prevent further proliferation of nuclear technologies and materials. Referring to Pakistan's reply to India's nuclear tests in May, 1998, it said that Islamabad's 'minimum credible deterrent' doctrine is widely regarded as primarily a deterrent to Indian military action. The report also mentions the concerns regarding the safety and security of the nuclear establishments especially in the context of instability in Pakistan.

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