Iraqi shoe thrower inundated with offers of cars, homes and a wife!

     The Iraqi journalist, who threw his shoes at former US President George W. Bush to vent his anger, has been flooded with offer of cars, wives and money as he prepares to get out of jail. Millions of people have heaped praise at Muntazer al-Zaidi who believe his act of defiance did what their leaders had been scared to do. His message to Bush "This is your farewell kiss, you dog. This is for the widows and orphans of Iraq" is still celebrated by the Iraqi people. According to the Guardian, Muntazer’s former boss has built a new four-bedroom home. A new car has also been promised. His employer, the al-Baghdadia television channel, is inundated with pledges of harems, money and healthcare. "One Iraqi who lived in Morocco called to offer to send his daughter to be Muntazer''s wife," the Telegraph quoted editor Abdul Hamid al-Saij as saying. "Another called from Saudi offering 10m dollars for his shoes, and another called from Morocco offering a gold-saddled horse. “After the event, we had callers from Palestine and many women asking to marry him, but we didn''t take their names. Many of their reactions were emotional. We will see what happens when he is freed," he added. However, Muntazer has been prepared to be shot by Bush''s bodyguards when he threw the shoes, his brother Maitham al-Zaidi told the paper. "He always thought he would die as a martyr, either by al-Qaeda or the Americans. More than once he was kidnapped by insurgents. He was surprised that Bush''s guards didn''t shoot him on the spot," he added. Muntazer has told Maitham, and another brother, Vergam, that he was planning to open an orphanage when he leaves prison and will not work again as a journalist.

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