Hoax bomb call causes panic in Delhi

      There was panic in Delhi following anonymous call that bombs were placed at three important buildings--Vikas Minar, NDMC building and Safdarjang Hospital. Police received the anonymous call at 9.30 in the morning. Teams of Delhi police, Bomb Squads along with sniffer dogs, and Fire brigades reached the suspected spots. At Safdarjang Hospital, patients had to be immediately evacuated from the building. There was absolute chaos in and outside the hospital, as is heavy traffic outside the hospital, and especially it was rush-hour for office-goers. Initially, patients and their attendants could not understand why they were being brought out in such a manner. Later, they were told about the possibility of a bomb hidden somewhere in the hospital, said a news report of NDTV. The multi-storey Vikas Minar building near I.T.O was also vacated following the anonymous call. Fire brigades, teams of Delhi Police and Bomb disposal squad reached the spot and carried out search operations. After investigations it proved to be hoax call. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of New Delhi described the anonymous call nothing but a hoax call, said Aaj Tak channel.

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