One killed in farmers-police clash in Punjab

      One person was killed and several others were injured as large number of farmers staging a protest in Chandigarh clashed with the police on Tuesday. The farmers from across Punjab state were protesting against the recent hike in power tariffs by the state's electricity regulatory authority and sought better prices for their produce. The agitating farmers set on fire several vehicles including police vehicles. Police fired tear gas to disperse the violent mob. "The farmers were protesting outside Sector 16 stadium and started setting the police vehicles on fire and when I started clicking their pictures they attacked me and asked me to leave. They broke my camera and burnt many police vehicles," said an unidentified reporter. "I had come here and parked my bike when a crowd set many vehicles on fire including mine," said Madhur, a youth whose two-wheeler was burnt by the agitating mob. Farming is the main occupation of the fertile plains of Punjab, the state known as India's granary. Farming is subsidized across the country, especially in Punjab, in a number of ways including cheaper seeds, power, fertilizers and pesticides, easy loans and prices guaranteed by the state for farmers' produce.

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