Nepal home ministry report says only 12 out of 110 armed groups political

      According to a report prepared by the Nepal home ministry, only 12 out of 109 armed groups active in the country are political, while 70 of them are purely criminal groups. The report entitled 'Categorization of armed groups and suggestion on talks' prepared after a close scrutiny of the armed groups for almost a year. According to Nepalnews, the government is preparing to launch stern operations against such armed groups based on the report. It has already decided to add about 10,000 personnel each to the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force. The report has divided the armed groups as political, religious, political criminal, religious criminal and purely criminal. Twelve groups including the Akhil Terai Mukti Morcha (Jaya Krishna Goit), the Kirant Janbadi Workers Party and the Tharuhat Swayatta Rajya Parishad have been divided as political groups. However four groups including the Cobra (Nagraj) and the Nepal Defence Army have been divided as religious criminal category, while 11 others have been divided as political criminal groups. The nature of eight armed groups could not be established, the report said.

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