UK faces threat as CIA plans to stop sharing intelligence

     Britain is facing the likelihood of an increased terror threat after the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said it would stop sharing vital intelligence following the Lockerbie bomber's release. According to a News of The World report, Washington has warned British intelligence services that sending cancer-stricken Abdel Baset al-Megrahi home to Libya has destroyed a "special relationship". The CIA has also warned they may not pass on vital information picked up by their sophisticated eavesdropping satellites. The Americans are reportedly furious at the bomber's release. Senior British security sources have told the News of the World the row threatens to put Britain 's security at risk. They say American intelligence was vital in Operation Pathway - which thwarted a possible UK al Qaeda operation in April. One security source revealed: "A large number of CIA agents are effectively British intelligence officers. They are doing a terribly important job." He added that the FBI had joined forces with the CIA to show the US anger.

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