Maoists resort to contract killings in Jharkhand

     The Maoists have been claiming to be the voice of the poor and helpless, but it doesn't seem to be the reality. Maoists in Jharkhand are resorting to contract killings and ensure an extra income for themselves in the name of carrying their 'fight for social justice against administration.' Naxalites are on the look out for any quarrel or dispute among villagers. They intervene in such matters and threaten the other parties and extort money. "For money, the Maoists have formed a new methodology. The Maoists unnecessarily interfere in the matters of the village and are trying to spoil the village culture and the relations cherished for generations," said a villager. The latest methods have created a fearful environment. The fear of being threatened and killed by the rebels has made many of the villagers flee their native village. Maoists even extort money from Government and private bodies and schools. The local administration has extended its full help to the scared villagers, but the residents feel helpless as they fear Moaists. "The administration is very serious and alert about helping villagers. There is no lack or negligence from their side. The administrative authorities have even given full assurance to the villagers, but the villagers are helpless," said Rajneesh Singh, another local. "They mainly raise funds through extortion. All those who are working in those regions, be it a government worker, forest contractors, or road construction workers, they extort money from them. They obtain money in this manner for running their operations and purchasing arms and ammunition," said Prakash Singh, Former Director General of Police. The Centre recently banned and formally labelled Maoist insurgents as a terrorist group, hoping it would give security forces more enforcement powers.

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