Brand consciousness grips Punjab

      Growing awareness and rising incomes have brought about greater brand consciousness in Punjab, as people of all ages are now willing to pay extra for the brand mania, which has taken the State in its grip. Many people identify branded clothes with better social status and believe that there is no harm in spending on them. "Branded clothes have become status symbols and the person who doesn't wear branded clothes, doesn't attract girls but everyone appreciates people who wear branded clothes. The people who wear simple clothes are looked down upon. It doesn't look nice but this is fashion these days," said Richa Aneja, a young college students. Mahima, a customer, believes that Bollywood brings in another angle to brands. She says that just the fact that stars endorse them and wear them gives a sort of encouragement to buy these stuff. "Brands like Ed-Hardy, they are worn by stars like Saif Ali khan and Kareena Kapoor, so one feels better that I am wearing a brand which was worn by Kareena Kapoor. Well students like me, we save our pocket money. Even if we buy one jean, we carried off for two years but you are wearing a Levis or Ed-Hardy jean, so that is like a status symbol. One feels good that yes I am wearing an Ed-Hardy jeans. Even if you have to spend few more pennies, its okay," said Mahima. The notion of 'brand consciousness' is also being cashed upon by uptown shopping malls and numerous international brands, as the craze in simply unbeatable. While, store owners and managers link all the craze with the hype that has been created around brands, and say that everyone knows about brands, so they want to own it as it has styling, fitting and is affordable. "Branded obviously, the styling and fitting is there and let's say media, the awareness about the brands. Earlier nobody used to know Lee, Levis or Ed-Hardy or Benetton but now everybody, every single person, even the kids they know about the brands, so that's the brand awareness which has come and plus they are almost affordable," said Sachin, Senior Sales Manager of No Exit store.

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