Violence against women increasing in Pakistan: report

     The number violence and discrimination cases are continuously growing in Pakistan, a new report has revealed. Pakistani women, whether they are based in rural or urban areas, face multiple forms of violence including sexual violence, domestic abuse, burning and disfiguring through acids beating and threatening, honour-killings, custodial abuse and torture, dowry-related violence, rape and female genital mutilation, a report called "Sorrows of woman" prepared by the Pakistan Human Development Foundation said. The study has revealed that the women in Pakistan, generally, and South Punjab, particularly, experience discrimination since their childhood, The Nation reports. This fact-sheet contains data on different forms of violence that women of South Punjab suffered from in the year 2007 and 2008. The figures obtained are mind-boggling, as the number of cases contained in this fact-sheet is more than double that published by other organisations. The report concluded that women couldn't raise their voices against discriminations because in most cases their own guardians were the violators.

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